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Definition of Duo


  1. A composition for two performers; a duet.

Duo Quotations

Silences between movements are employed only in order to bring the opposing duo to the fore.
Elliott Carter

We have different personalities, but in a harmonious way, I'd say. Anyway, we were booked to play at the festival as a duo; and we decided we wouldn't have any rehearsal.
Benny Green

My brother is the lead singer of The Torn, and my parents are in a country duo.
Sheridan Smith

The first time we performed as a duo, we had already been playing together in various situations.
Benny Green

'Rhye' clearly plays with notions of sexual identity, and it has made a concerted effort to keep its own identity mysterious. Its love songs are gender-neutral, the members have declined to appear in their own videos, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a photo of the duo that doesn't cast them in shadows.
Will Hermes
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Duo Translations

duo in German is Duo
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