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Definition of Duo


  1. A composition for two performers; a duet.

Duo Quotations

My brother is the lead singer of The Torn, and my parents are in a country duo.
Sheridan Smith

The first time we performed as a duo, we had already been playing together in various situations.
Benny Green

We have different personalities, but in a harmonious way, I'd say. Anyway, we were booked to play at the festival as a duo; and we decided we wouldn't have any rehearsal.
Benny Green

Silences between movements are employed only in order to bring the opposing duo to the fore.
Elliott Carter

'Rhye' clearly plays with notions of sexual identity, and it has made a concerted effort to keep its own identity mysterious. Its love songs are gender-neutral, the members have declined to appear in their own videos, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a photo of the duo that doesn't cast them in shadows.
Will Hermes
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Duo Translations

duo in German is Duo

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