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Definition of Dug


  1. of Dig
  2. A teat, pap, or nipple; -- formerly that of a human mother, now that of a cow or other beast.
  3. of Dig.

Dug Quotations

My music had roots which I'd dug up from my own childhood, musical roots buried in the darkest soil.
Ray Charles

I dug the idea that I was being perceived as the black sheep of my family, but for me, it was like, I was a rebel, and that to me was most important.
Larry Bishop

I do not choose that my grave should be dug while I am still alive.
Elizabeth I

At first, I was just trying to sound like DOOM and Eminem, and then I dug out my own voice, I guess.
Earl Sweatshirt

We found ourselves in a hole that I didn't dig, but I have dug, dug and dug to try to get out of that hole.
Harry Reid
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Dug Translations

dug in German is grub, gegraben, gegraben
dug in Swedish is dig
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