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Definition of Dryer


  1. See Drier.

Dryer Quotations

I used to have a blankie, and when my mom had to wash it, I would sit outside the dryer and watch it go round and round, and cry.
Drew Barrymore

Apartment living is tough action. Just the whole idea that you share a washer and dryer always freaked me out.
Joe Rogan

'Star Trek' never grabbed me. Every time I hear about Klingons, I think of those little lint balls that stick to your clothes in the dryer.
Regina Brett

Women were going back to work, they were assuming their own power. They didn't have time to sit under the dryer.
Vidal Sassoon

My hair is naturally curly, and in the 80's, even though I experimented with different lengths, I generally wore it curly. Since then, I've learned how to use a blow dryer and flat iron.
Susanna Hoffs
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Dryer Translations

dryer in German is trockener
dryer in Spanish is secador

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