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Definition of Dribble


  1. To fall in drops or small drops, or in a quick succession of drops; as, water dribbles from the eaves.
  2. To slaver, as a child or an idiot; to drivel.
  3. To fall weakly and slowly.
  4. To let fall in drops.
  5. A drizzling shower; a falling or leaking in drops.
  6. In various games, to propel (the ball) by successive slight hits or kicks so as to keep it always in control.
  7. In football and similar games, to dribble the ball.
  8. To live or pass one's time in a trivial fashion.
  9. An act of dribbling a ball.

Dribble Quotations

My parents were kind of over protective people. Me and my sister had to play in the backyard all the time. They bought us bikes for Christmas but wouldn't let us ride in the street, we had to ride in the backyard. Another Christmas, my dad got me a basketball hoop and put it in the middle of the lawn! You can't dribble on grass.
Jimmy Fallon

Basketball is a simple game. Your goal is penetration, get the ball close to the basket, and there are three ways to do that. Pass, dribble and offensive rebound.
Phil Jackson

People have to understand what my game is. It's not all about numbers. There's a bigger picture here. I don't create off the dribble. I rely on my teammates; my role is to set screens and get rebounds.
Rebecca Lobo

If you're playing for five hours you don't want to score goals all the time and I loved dribbling. I could score a goal, but I preferred to dribble.

At the end of 2003, my game was complete. Shooting, defense, using the dribble, transition, midrange stuff was all there. Then it was about fine-tuning and trying to improve in each area.
Kobe Bryant
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Dribble Translations

dribble in French is baver
dribble in Italian is sbavare
dribble in Spanish is goteo
dribble in Swedish is droppa, dribbla
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