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Definition of Dresser


  1. One who dresses; one who put in order or makes ready for use; one who on clothes or ornaments.
  2. A kind of pick for shaping large coal.
  3. An assistant in a hospital, whose office it is to dress wounds, sores, etc.
  4. A table or bench on which meat and other things are dressed, or prepared for use.
  5. A cupboard or set of shelves to receive dishes and cooking utensils.
  6. A piece of chamber furniture consisting of a chest of drawers, or bureau, with a mirror.

Dresser Quotations

All I knew growing up was that my father was married to and loved my momma, period. He worked hard, made some money, and put it on the dresser. She spent it on the family, and he went out and earned some more. He taught me the most about love.
Steve Harvey

I'm often criticised for what I wear. That's my main label in the press now: disastrous dresser!
Helena Bonham Carter

All my way through college, I worked my way as a window dresser for Lord & Taylor, so I always liked fashion. I always loved fashion and I love that we can do it and not take it seriously.
Joan Rivers

Personally, I'm a simple dresser. I usually buy my own clothes. Jeans, T-shirts, summer dresses and track pants. Whenever I get the time or see a shop that catches my fancy, I buy something.
Katrina Kaif

Looking back, I realize my favorite stories weren't in books, they were in comics. On top of being a history enthusiast, my father was also a comics fan, and he kept his stash in the top drawer of his dresser, in easy reach of a kid making a beeline to the bathroom.
Jeff Kinney
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Dresser Translations

dresser in Dutch is ladenkast, commode
dresser in French is commode
dresser in German is Garderobiere {f}, Ankleider {m}
dresser in Portuguese is aparelhador
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