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Definition of Dress


  1. To direct; to put right or straight; to regulate; to order.
  2. To arrange in exact continuity of line, as soldiers; commonly to adjust to a straight line and at proper distance; to align; as, to dress the ranks.
  3. To treat methodically with remedies, bandages, or curative appliances, as a sore, an ulcer, a wound, or a wounded or diseased part.
  4. To adjust; to put in good order; to arrange; specifically: (a) To prepare for use; to fit for any use; to render suitable for an intended purpose; to get ready; as, to dress a slain animal; to dress meat; to dress leather or cloth; to dress or trim a lamp; to dress a garden; to dress a horse, by currying and rubbing; to dress grain, by cleansing it; in mining and metallurgy, to dress ores, by sorting and separating them.
  5. To cut to proper dimensions, or give proper shape to, as to a tool by hammering; also, to smooth or finish.
  6. To put in proper condition by appareling, as the body; to put clothes upon; to apparel; to invest with garments or rich decorations; to clothe; to deck.
  7. To break and train for use, as a horse or other animal.
  8. To arrange one's self in due position in a line of soldiers; -- the word of command to form alignment in ranks; as, Right, dress!
  9. To clothe or apparel one's self; to put on one's garments; to pay particular regard to dress; as, to dress quickly.
  10. That which is used as the covering or ornament of the body; clothes; garments; habit; apparel.
  11. A lady's gown; as, silk or a velvet dress.
  12. Attention to apparel, or skill in adjusting it.
  13. The system of furrows on the face of a millstone.

Dress Quotations

Be careless in your dress if you must, but keep a tidy soul.
Mark Twain

Designers want me to dress like Spring, in billowing things. I don't feel like Spring. I feel like a warm red Autumn.
Marilyn Monroe

Eat to please thyself, but dress to please others.
Benjamin Franklin

I remember when I was in high school I didn't have a new dress for each special occasion. The girls would bring the fact to my attention, not always too delicately. The boys, however, never bothered with the subject. They were my friends, not because of the size of my wardrobe but because they liked me.
Marilyn Monroe

At twelve I looked like a girl of seventeen. My body was developed and shapely. I still wore the blue dress and the blouse the orphanage provided. They made me look like an overgrown lummox.
Marilyn Monroe
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Dress Translations

dress in Afrikaans is klee
dress in Dutch is een verband omleggen
dress in Finnish is puku
dress in German is Kleid
dress in Latin is ornatus, exuviae
dress in Norwegian is antrekk, kle seg, kjole
dress in Portuguese is vestido
dress in Spanish is revestir, vendar, vestirse, vestir, vestido

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