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Definition of Draft


  1. Pertaining to, or used for, drawing or pulling (as vehicles, loads, etc.). Same as Draught.
  2. Relating to, or characterized by, a draft, or current of air. Same as Draught.
  3. To draw the outline of; to delineate.
  4. To compose and write; as, to draft a memorial.
  5. To draw from a military band or post, or from any district, company, or society; to detach; to select.
  6. To transfer by draft.

Draft Quotations

It's still scary every time I go back to the past. Each morning, my heart catches. When I get there, I remember how the light was, where the draft was coming from, what odors were in the air. When I write, I get all the weeping out.
Maya Angelou

Some writers sit down without a thought of what they are going to say, and they go through draft after draft.
Alice Walker

Political systems are run by self-selecting politicians. We don't draft people; it's not jury duty.
P. J. O'Rourke

Architect. One who drafts a plan of your house, and plans a draft of your money.
Ambrose Bierce

My own feeling is that one should refuse to participate in any activity that implements American aggression - thus tax refusal, draft refusal, avoidance of work that can be used by the agencies of militarism and repression, all seem to me essential.
Noam Chomsky
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Draft Translations

draft in Afrikaans is konsep
draft in Dutch is cambio, wissel
draft in French is traite
draft in German is Ausarbeitung {f}
draft in Italian is lettera di cambio
draft in Norwegian is veksel, utkast
draft in Spanish is proyecto
draft in Swedish is uttag, utkast, koncept

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