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Definition of Doubly


  1. In twice the quantity; to twice the degree; as, doubly wise or good; to be doubly sensible of an obligation.
  2. Deceitfully.

Doubly Quotations

Never neglect details. When everyone's mind is dulled or distracted the leader must be doubly vigilant.
Colin Powell

Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.
Douglas Adams

All truth is simple... is that not doubly a lie?
Friedrich Nietzsche

I am thankful that geniuses and artists and good people, no matter how hard it is, will eventually be recognized. I am doubly thankful that also goes for idiots.
Elayne Boosler

Marching thus at night, a battalion is doubly impressive. The silent monster is full of restrained power; resolute in its onward sweep, impervious to danger, it looks a menacing engine of destruction, steady to its goal, and certain of its mission.
Patrick MacGill
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Doubly Translations

doubly in Spanish is con doblez

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