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Definition of Document


  1. That which is taught or authoritatively set forth; precept; instruction; dogma.
  2. An example for instruction or warning.
  3. An original or official paper relied upon as the basis, proof, or support of anything else; -- in its most extended sense, including any writing, book, or other instrument conveying information in the case; any material substance on which the thoughts of men are represented by any species of conventional mark or symbol.
  4. To teach; to school.
  5. To furnish with documents or papers necessary to establish facts or give information; as, a a ship should be documented according to the directions of law.


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Document Translations

document in Afrikaans is dokument
document in Dutch is akte, acte, bedrijf, stuk, dokument
document in French is document, documentez, documentent, documenter
document in German is Dokument, Unterlage, Dokument, Urkunde
document in Italian is documento, documento, atto
document in Latin is tabellae
document in Norwegian is dokument, dokumentere
document in Portuguese is original
document in Spanish is escrito, documento
document in Swedish is handling, dokument, urkund, akt