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Definition of Distasteful


  1. Unpleasant or disgusting to the taste; nauseous; loathsome.
  2. Offensive; displeasing to the feelings; disagreeable; as, a distasteful truth.
  3. Manifesting distaste or dislike; repulsive.

Distasteful Quotations

Breaking with old friends is one of the most painful of the changes in all that piling up of a multitude of small distasteful changes that constitutes growing older.
John Dos Passos

There's nothing more distasteful than an academic having to, like, trot out his credentials. You really come off as a jerk when you do that.
Reza Aslan

I cannot recall a period when I did not draw; and at school, the studies that were distasteful to me, mathematics and grammar, were retarded by the indulgence of teachers who were proud of my drawing faculties, and passed over my neglect of uncongenial subjects.
Jacob Epstein

When we look back in time and study old cultures and people, we are impressed that death has always been distasteful to man and will probably always be. From a psychiatrist's point of view, this is very understandable and can perhaps best be explained by our basic knowledge that, in our unconscious, death is never possible in regard to ourselves.
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

The price we are willing to pay for safety cannot be infinite. It is distasteful to put a price on human life, but the more we spend on safety, the less we will have for our other goals.
Peter Singer
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Distasteful Translations

distasteful in Italian is laido
distasteful in Spanish is asqueroso
distasteful in Swedish is vidrig, osmaklig
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