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Definition of Dissipate


  1. To scatter completely; to disperse and cause to disappear; -- used esp. of the dispersion of things that can never again be collected or restored.
  2. To destroy by wasteful extravagance or lavish use; to squander.
  3. To separate into parts and disappear; to waste away; to scatter; to disperse; to vanish; as, a fog or cloud gradually dissipates before the rays or heat of the sun; the heat of a body dissipates.
  4. To be extravagant, wasteful, or dissolute in the pursuit of pleasure; to engage in dissipation.
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Dissipate Translations

dissipate in French is dissipez, dissipent, dissipons
dissipate in German is ableiten, zerteilen, verbrauchen, vergeude
dissipate in Spanish is fraccionar