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Definition of Dismount


  1. To come down; to descend.
  2. To alight from a horse; to descend or get off, as a rider from his beast; as, the troops dismounted.
  3. To throw or bring down from an elevation, place of honor and authority, or the like.
  4. To throw or remove from a horse; to unhorse; as, the soldier dismounted his adversary.
  5. To take down, or apart, as a machine.
  6. To throw or remove from the carriage, or from that on which a thing is mounted; to break the carriage or wheels of, and render useless; to deprive of equipments or mountings; -- said esp. of artillery.

Dismount Translations

dismount in Dutch is afstijgen
dismount in German is absitzen
dismount in Norwegian is stige av, demontere
dismount in Portuguese is desmonte
dismount in Spanish is apearse
dismount in Swedish is sitta av