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Definition of Dislike


  1. To regard with dislike or aversion; to disapprove; to disrelish.
  2. To awaken dislike in; to displease.
  3. A feeling of positive and usually permanent aversion to something unpleasant, uncongenial, or offensive; disapprobation; repugnance; displeasure; disfavor; -- the opposite of liking or fondness.
  4. Discord; dissension.
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Dislike Translations

dislike in Danish is modvilje
dislike in Dutch is hekel, afkeer, tegenzin, antipathie
dislike in Italian is avversione
dislike in Latin is fastidium
dislike in Norwegian is ikke like, motvilje
dislike in Portuguese is desagrado
dislike in Spanish is detestar
dislike in Swedish is ogilla, motvilja