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Definition of Discuss


  1. To break to pieces; to shatter.
  2. To break up; to disperse; to scatter; to dissipate; to drive away; -- said especially of tumors.
  3. To shake; to put away; to finish.
  4. To examine in detail or by disputation; to reason upon by presenting favorable and adverse considerations; to debate; to sift; to investigate; to ventilate.
  5. To deal with, in eating or drinking.
  6. To examine or search thoroughly; to exhaust a remedy against, as against a principal debtor before proceeding against the surety.
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Discuss Translations

discuss in Danish is behandle
discuss in Dutch is bespreken, discuteren
discuss in Finnish is pohtia
discuss in French is discutons, discutent, discuter, discutez
discuss in Latin is tracto, dissero, disputo, confero
discuss in Portuguese is discuta
discuss in Spanish is debatir, debatir, discutir, cuestionar
discuss in Swedish is diskutera, avhandla, diskutera