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Definition of Discursive


  1. Passing from one thing to another; ranging over a wide field; roving; digressive; desultory.
  2. Reasoning; proceeding from one ground to another, as in reasoning; argumentative.

Discursive Quotations

Realism is not a matter of any fidelity to an empirical reality, but of the discursive conventions by which and for which a sense of reality is constructed.
John Fiske

Everything is discursive opinion instead of direct experience.
A. R. Ammons

When I write now I do not invent situation, characters, or actions, but rather structures and discursive forms, textual groupings which are combined according to secret affinities among themselves, as in architecture or the plastic arts.
Juan Goytisolo
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Discursive Translations

discursive in Spanish is divagador
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