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Definition of Discrete


  1. Separate; distinct; disjunct.
  2. Disjunctive; containing a disjunctive or discretive clause; as, "I resign my life, but not my honor," is a discrete proposition.
  3. Separate; not coalescent; -- said of things usually coalescent.
  4. To separate.

Discrete Quotations

Assurance, action, and evidence influence each other in an ongoing process. This helix is like a coil, and as it spirals upward it expands and widens. These three elements of faith - assurance, action, and evidence - are not separate and discrete; rather, they are interrelated and continuous and cycle upward.
David A. Bednar

Looking out over the port of Dover, with the endless steam of boats coming in and out, every British citizen is reminded that belonging here has never been about blood or genes. It's simply about being at home on this discrete island and being aware of the privileges and responsibilities that brings.
Julian Baggini

In large organizations there are discrete functions. I do this; you do that. I swim in my lane; you swim in your lane. That can be very effective for certain processes and in certain stable conditions. But it doesn't work in unstable conditions.
Daniel H. Pink

Males do not represent two discrete populations, heterosexual and homosexual. The world is not to be divided into sheeps and goats. Not all things are black nor all things white.
Alfred Kinsey

When you turn from one room to the next, when your animal senses no longer perceive the sounds of the dishwasher, the ticking clock, the smell of a chicken roasting - the kitchen and all its seemingly discrete bits dissolve into nothingness - or into waves of probability.
Robert Lanza
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Discrete Translations

discrete in Dutch is bescheiden, onopvallend, discreet
discrete in Finnish is tahdikas
discrete in German is separat, einzeln, einzeln, diskret
discrete in Italian is separato, separato, singolo
discrete in Portuguese is discreto
discrete in Spanish is separado, singular
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