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Definition of Diminutive


  1. Below the average size; very small; little.
  2. Expressing diminution; as, a diminutive word.
  3. Tending to diminish.
  4. Something of very small size or value; an insignificant thing.
  5. A derivative from a noun, denoting a small or a young object of the same kind with that denoted by the primitive; as, gosling, eaglet, lambkin.

Diminutive Translations

diminutive in Afrikaans is klein
diminutive in Danish is lille
diminutive in Dutch is luttel, karig, min, klein, gering
diminutive in French is petit
diminutive in German is verkleinernd
diminutive in Italian is piccolo
diminutive in Latin is vegrandis
diminutive in Norwegian is liten
diminutive in Portuguese is pequeno
diminutive in Swedish is mycket liten