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Definition of Diminish


  1. To make smaller in any manner; to reduce in bulk or amount; to lessen; -- opposed to augment or increase.
  2. To lessen the authority or dignity of; to put down; to degrade; to abase; to weaken.
  3. To make smaller by a half step; to make (an interval) less than minor; as, a diminished seventh.
  4. To take away; to subtract.
  5. To become or appear less or smaller; to lessen; as, the apparent size of an object diminishes as we recede from it.
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Diminish Translations

diminish in Afrikaans is verminder
diminish in Dutch is verminderen, afnemen
diminish in German is vermindern
diminish in Italian is rimpicciolire, diminuire
diminish in Latin is reseco, minuo minui minutum
diminish in Norwegian is forminske
diminish in Portuguese is diminua
diminish in Spanish is disminuir, achicar