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Definition of Digest


  1. To distribute or arrange methodically; to work over and classify; to reduce to portions for ready use or application; as, to digest the laws, etc.
  2. To separate (the food) in its passage through the alimentary canal into the nutritive and nonnutritive elements; to prepare, by the action of the digestive juices, for conversion into blood; to convert into chyme.
  3. To think over and arrange methodically in the mind; to reduce to a plan or method; to receive in the mind and consider carefully; to get an understanding of; to comprehend.
  4. To appropriate for strengthening and comfort.
  5. Hence: To bear comfortably or patiently; to be reconciled to; to brook.
  6. To soften by heat and moisture; to expose to a gentle heat in a boiler or matrass, as a preparation for chemical operations.
  7. To dispose to suppurate, or generate healthy pus, as an ulcer or wound.
  8. To ripen; to mature.
  9. To quiet or abate, as anger or grief.
  10. To undergo digestion; as, food digests well or ill.
  11. To suppurate; to generate pus, as an ulcer.
  12. That which is digested; especially, that which is worked over, classified, and arranged under proper heads or titles
  13. A compilation of statutes or decisions analytically arranged. The term is applied in a general sense to the Pandects of Justinian (see Pandect), but is also specially given by authors to compilations of laws on particular topics; a summary of laws; as, Comyn's Digest; the United States Digest.

Digest Quotations

A heart can no more be forced to love than a stomach can be forced to digest food by persuasion.
Alfred Nobel

For people who have... had curve balls thrown at them, it is easier to digest change and digest change in other people. Change only scares the small-minded. The small-minded and me.
Casey Affleck

I don't digest things with my mind.
Marilyn Monroe

Philosophy! Empty thinking by ignorant conceited men who think they can digest without eating!
Iris Murdoch

Until we have a better relationship between private performance and the public truth, as was demonstrated with Watergate, we as the public are absolutely right to remain suspicious, contemptuous even, of the secrecy and the misinformation which is the digest of our news.
John le Carre
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Digest Translations

digest in Dutch is verteren, verduwen, digereren
digest in Hungarian is kivonat
digest in Italian is digerire
digest in Spanish is compendio, digerir
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