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Definition of Dialect


  1. Means or mode of expressing thoughts; language; tongue; form of speech.
  2. The form of speech of a limited region or people, as distinguished from ether forms nearly related to it; a variety or subdivision of a language; speech characterized by local peculiarities or specific circumstances; as, the Ionic and Attic were dialects of Greece; the Yorkshire dialect; the dialect of the learned.

Dialect Quotations

Viewed freely, the English language is the accretion and growth of every dialect, race, and range of time, and is both the free and compacted composition of all.
Walt Whitman

A Pike, in the California dialect, is a native of Missouri, Arkansas, Northern Texas, or Southern Illinois. The first emigrants that came over the plains were from Pike County, Missouri; but as the phrase, 'a Pike County man,' was altogether too long for this short life of ours, it was soon abbreviated into 'a Pike.'
Bayard Taylor

I was excited to play Lil' Kim and I wanted to do the role justice. I worked really hard on that role, whether it was performing the rhymes, studying the dialect, her swagger and her stage performances. I wanted people to see my range and stretch my wings as an actress.
Naturi Naughton

An academic dialect is perfected when its terms are hard to understand and refer only to one another.
Mason Cooley

I sat staring, staring, staring - half lost, learning a new language or rather the same language in a different dialect. So still were the big woods where I sat, sound might not yet have been born.
Emily Carr
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Dialect Translations

dialect in Danish is dialekt
dialect in Dutch is tongval, dialect
dialect in French is dialecte
dialect in German is Diaklekt
dialect in Italian is dialetto
dialect in Spanish is dialecto
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