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Definition of Devise


  1. To form in the mind by new combinations of ideas, new applications of principles, or new arrangement of parts; to formulate by thought; to contrive; to excogitate; to invent; to plan; to scheme; as, to devise an engine, a new mode of writing, a plan of defense, or an argument.
  2. To plan or scheme for; to purpose to obtain.
  3. To say; to relate; to describe.
  4. To imagine; to guess.
  5. To give by will; -- used of real estate; formerly, also, of chattels.
  6. To form a scheme; to lay a plan; to contrive; to consider.
  7. The act of giving or disposing of real estate by will; -- sometimes improperly applied to a bequest of personal estate.
  8. A will or testament, conveying real estate; the clause of a will making a gift of real property.
  9. Property devised, or given by will.
  10. Device. See Device.
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Devise Translations

devise in Latin is extundo
devise in Norwegian is tenke ut
devise in Spanish is disposiciones testamentarias