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Definition of Deterred


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Deterred Quotations

Even the Soviet Union, with its huge nuclear arsenal, was a threat that could be deterred by the prospect of retaliation. But suicide bombers cannot be deterred. They can only be annihilated - preemptively and unilaterally, if necessary.
Thomas Sowell

But by all this I am not deterred, for I have seen, I have heard, I have felt.
Emanuel Swedenborg

We are often deterred from crime by the disgrace of others.

My family was Jehovah's Witnesses, which is a really tough religion. It kind of deterred me from religion for a long time. They still practice, but I don't. But I always remained spiritual, and had a belief that there is a God. I'm trying to find my way, you know?
Ja Rule

I would say trust your own judgment and develop your own style that is true in your heart and don't be deterred from that. Just develop that something that's unique to you that you feel you can give. Be true to yourself, trust your own judgment; that's all.
Justin Hayward
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Deterred Translations

deterred in German is abgeschreckt
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