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Definition of Deposit


  1. To lay down; to place; to put; to let fall or throw down (as sediment); as, a crocodile deposits her eggs in the sand; the waters deposited a rich alluvium.
  2. To lay up or away for safe keeping; to put up; to store; as, to deposit goods in a warehouse.
  3. To lodge in some one's hands for safe keeping; to commit to the custody of another; to intrust; esp., to place in a bank, as a sum of money subject to order.
  4. To lay aside; to rid one's self of.
  5. That which is deposited, or laid or thrown down; as, a deposit in a flue; especially, matter precipitated from a solution (as the siliceous deposits of hot springs), or that which is mechanically deposited (as the mud, gravel, etc., deposits of a river).
  6. A natural occurrence of a useful mineral under the conditions to invite exploitation.
  7. That which is placed anywhere, or in any one's hands, for safe keeping; something intrusted to the care of another; esp., money lodged with a bank or banker, subject to order; anything given as pledge or security.
  8. A bailment of money or goods to be kept gratuitously for the bailor.
  9. Money lodged with a party as earnest or security for the performance of a duty assumed by the person depositing.
  10. A place of deposit; a depository.
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Deposit Translations

deposit in Afrikaans is deponeer
deposit in Dutch is afgeven, deponeren, in bewaring geven
deposit in Finnish is tallettaa
deposit in German is Ablagerung {f}, ablagern, deponieren, Ablage {f}
deposit in Italian is pagare, depositare, incluso
deposit in Norwegian is innskudd, deponere, avleiring, depositum