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Definition of Den


  1. A small cavern or hollow place in the side of a hill, or among rocks; esp., a cave used by a wild beast for shelter or concealment; as, a lion's den; a den of robbers.
  2. A squalid place of resort; a wretched dwelling place; a haunt; as, a den of vice.
  3. Any snug or close retreat where one goes to be alone.
  4. A narrow glen; a ravine; a dell.
  5. To live in, or as in, a den.
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Den Translations

den in Afrikaans is grot
den in Dutch is spelonk, krocht, hol, grot, holte
den in French is nid
den in Latin is claustrum, cubile, specus
den in Norwegian is grotte, hule
den in Portuguese is ninho
den in Spanish is cubil