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Definition of Demolished


  1. of Demolish

Demolished Quotations

An emotion is suggested and demolished in one glance by certain words.
Robert Smithson

Cervantes smiled Spain's chivalry away; A single laugh demolished the right arm Of his country.
Lord Byron

Justice is an unassailable fortress, built on the brow of a mountain which cannot be overthrown by the violence of torrents, nor demolished by the force of armies.
Joseph Addison

I wanted to be a cheerleader, like my sister was - all the most popular and beautiful girls are cheerleaders and I wanted that, and it demolished this vision of myself. That's when I found the piano, when music saved me; that's when I first attempted to write my own songs.
Paula Cole

There are house demolitions and destruction all over the West Bank and Gaza. Just yesterday in Gaza they demolished three towers under the pretext that they were built close to a settlement.
Ahmed Yassin
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