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Definition of Demeaning


  1. of Demean

Demeaning Quotations

Far from being demeaning to human spiritual values, scientific rationalism is the crowning glory of the human spirit.
Richard Dawkins

If there were more temple work done in the Church, there would be less of selfishness, less of contention, less of demeaning others.
Gordon B. Hinckley

Malcolm X found the language that communicated across the board, from college professor to floor sweeper, all at the same time, without demeaning the intellect of either.
John Henrik Clarke

I'd find it demeaning to be cleaning toilets.
Jack Kevorkian

We need to encourage designers and agencies to be responsible. We need to make sure everyone is sensitive to the issues. But to calculate the girls' body mass - I personally think it is demeaning.
Diane von Furstenberg
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Demeaning Translations

demeaning in German is sich benehmend
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