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Definition of Deluded


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Deluded Quotations

What is feminism? Simply the belief that women should be as free as men, however nuts, dim, deluded, badly dressed, fat, receding, lazy, and smug they might be.
Caitlin Moran

Only the most deluded of us could doubt the necessity of this war.
John McCain

Fear not, the people may be deluded for a moment, but cannot be corrupted.
Andrew Jackson

But deluded people don't realize that their own mind is the Buddha. They keep searching outside.

Television is the same as the telephone, and the same as the World Wide Web for that matter. People who become obsessed by the peculiarities of these communications media have simply failed to adjust to the shock of the old. People who bleat on about the 'artistic' potential of television qua television are equally deluded.
Will Self
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Deluded Translations

deluded in Hungarian is becsapott, megcsalt
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