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Definition of Delude


  1. To lead from truth or into error; to mislead the mind or judgment of; to beguile; to impose on; to dupe; to make a fool of.
  2. To frustrate or disappoint.

Delude Quotations

The ability to delude yourself may be an important survival tool.
Jane Wagner

Tolerance, openness to argument, openness to self-doubt, willingness to see other people's points of view - these are very liberal and enlightened values that people are right to hold, but we can't allow them to delude us to the point where we can't recognise people who are needlessly perpetrating human misery.
Sam Harris

I like to delude myself that I'm in the old-Hollywood mode. I just tailor my clothes well and try to keep my skin clear. While it would be great to work out an hour a day, there is something inherently sort of selfish about it. I can't do it.
Tina Fey

I certainly don't delude myself that there aren't certainly more important things to do in life than make people laugh, but I can't imagine anything that would bring me more joy.
Bob Newhart

As an actor, I always feel you basically have to be able to delude yourself.
Paul Dano
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Delude Translations

delude in Dutch is begoochelen, illusies wekken bij
delude in Norwegian is villede, narre