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Definition of Deformities


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Deformities Quotations

An artist is an artist only because of his exquisite sense of beauty, a sense which shows him intoxicating pleasures, but which at the same time implies and contains an equally exquisite sense of all deformities and all disproportion.
Charles Baudelaire

A mask of gold hides all deformities.
Thomas Dekker

Old age has deformities enough of its own. It should never add to them the deformity of vice.
Eleanor Roosevelt

When I was little, I wanted to be a doctor. I was really interested in gore. My grandfather was an orthopedic surgeon and he had a lot of books in his library that I would just pore over. A lot of them had really horrible pictures of deformities.
Jennifer Egan

I was born with lots of deformities.
Gemma Arterton
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Deformities Translations

deformities in German is Missbildungen
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