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Definition of Defensively


  1. On the defensive.

Defensively Quotations

The deeper you get into the playoffs, obviously the better the opponent is. Which means they'll be better defensively, they'll rebound better, they don't turn the ball over.
Eric Snow

I think that's part of building your team is trying to anticipate where your team is going and to a certain extent where, especially defensively because you have to react to what they put on the field. Defensively you have to be able to defend those things.
Bill Belichick

We're not hitting on all cylinders, defensively. When we're playing good, I'll let you know.
Tony Dungy

The Italians are very strong defensively. They showed in Euro 2000 how good defensively they are.
Alan Hansen

I thought we were aggressive across the board defensively, and you could just see it grow. As the game went along, you could see the confidence grow. It showed in the fourth quarter.
Bill Laimbeer
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Defensively Translations

defensively in German is defensive
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