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Definition of Defeat


  1. To undo; to disfigure; to destroy.
  2. To render null and void, as a title; to frustrate, as hope; to deprive, as of an estate.
  3. To overcome or vanquish, as an army; to check, disperse, or ruin by victory; to overthrow.
  4. To resist with success; as, to defeat an assault.
  5. An undoing or annulling; destruction.
  6. Frustration by rendering null and void, or by prevention of success; as, the defeat of a plan or design.
  7. An overthrow, as of an army in battle; loss of a battle; repulse suffered; discomfiture; -- opposed to victory.
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Defeat Translations

defeat in Afrikaans is verslaan
defeat in Danish is besejre, nederlag
defeat in Dutch is nederlaag
defeat in Finnish is voittaa
defeat in German is vernichten, besiegen, Niederlage
defeat in Italian is sconfitta, vincere
defeat in Latin is evinco, fundo
defeat in Norwegian is nederlag
defeat in Portuguese is derrota
defeat in Spanish is derrota, vencer
defeat in Swedish is nederlag