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Definition of Default


  1. A failing or failure; omission of that which ought to be done; neglect to do what duty or law requires; as, this evil has happened through the governor's default.
  2. Fault; offense; ill deed; wrong act; failure in virtue or wisdom.
  3. A neglect of, or failure to take, some step necessary to secure the benefit of law, as a failure to appear in court at a day assigned, especially of the defendant in a suit when called to make answer; also of jurors, witnesses, etc.
  4. To fail in duty; to offend.
  5. To fail in fulfilling a contract, agreement, or duty.
  6. To fail to appear in court; to let a case go by default.
  7. To fail to perform or pay; to be guilty of neglect of; to omit; as, to default a dividend.
  8. To call a defendant or other party whose duty it is to be present in court, and make entry of his default, if he fails to appear; to enter a default against.
  9. To leave out of account; to omit.

Default Quotations

It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might has well not have lived at all, in which case you have failed by default.
J. K. Rowling

Pessimism is my default setting.
Miranda Hart

I, for one, am profoundly grateful to feel the hand of God at work in my life. But at the beginning and end of the day, when my default setting is to show kindness and love to others, I never regret it. And to me, that is what faith is all about.
Charity Sunshine Tillemann-Dick

I think for me, or for anyone who plays the quarterback position, it's almost an unspoken word when you think about leadership. Some guys can be a leader and be a running back or a lineman, or wide receiver, strong safety, or linebacker. But when you speak of quarterbacks, it's automatically a default that you're supposed to be a leader.
Cam Newton

I am a leader by default, only because nature does not allow a vacuum.
Desmond Tutu
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Default Translations

default in German is vorgegebener Wert, Voreinstellung, Vorgabe
default in Swedish is huvudsaklig
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