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Definition of Deepen


  1. To make deep or deeper; to increase the depth of; to sink lower; as, to deepen a well or a channel.
  2. To make darker or more intense; to darken; as, the event deepened the prevailing gloom.
  3. To make more poignant or affecting; to increase in degree; as, to deepen grief or sorrow.
  4. To make more grave or low in tone; as, to deepen the tones of an organ.
  5. To become deeper; as, the water deepens at every cast of the lead; the plot deepens.
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Deepen Translations

deepen in French is approfondis, approfondissent, approfondissez
deepen in German is vertiefe, vertiefen
deepen in Spanish is ahondar
deepen in Swedish is djupna