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Definition of Deaf


  1. Wanting the sense of hearing, either wholly or in part; unable to perceive sounds; hard of hearing; as, a deaf man.
  2. Unwilling to hear or listen; determinedly inattentive; regardless; not to be persuaded as to facts, argument, or exhortation; -- with to; as, deaf to reason.
  3. Deprived of the power of hearing; deafened.
  4. Obscurely heard; stifled; deadened.
  5. Decayed; tasteless; dead; as, a deaf nut; deaf corn.
  6. To deafen.
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Deaf Translations

deaf in Afrikaans is doof
deaf in Dutch is doof
deaf in Finnish is kuuro
deaf in French is sourd
deaf in Portuguese is surdo
deaf in Spanish is sordo