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Definition of Deaden


  1. To make as dead; to impair in vigor, force, activity, or sensation; to lessen the force or acuteness of; to blunt; as, to deaden the natural powers or feelings; to deaden a sound.
  2. To lessen the velocity or momentum of; to retard; as, to deaden a ship's headway.
  3. To make vapid or spiritless; as, to deaden wine.
  4. To deprive of gloss or brilliancy; to obscure; as, to deaden gilding by a coat of size.
  5. To render impervious to sound, as a wall or floor; to deafen.

Deaden Translations

deaden in Afrikaans is afskryf
deaden in Dutch is afschrijven, aflossen, afbetalen
deaden in Spanish is amortiguar