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Definition of Darwinism


  1. The theory or doctrines put forth by Darwin. See above.

Darwinism Quotations

I have always been very concerned that Darwinism gave the basic okay to terrible racism and to the idea of murder based upon race.
Ben Stein

I think Darwinism as a theory explaining evolution within species is incredibly brilliant - just unbelievably, incredibly brilliant.
Ben Stein

Darwinism doesn't explain where gravity comes from. It doesn't explain where thermodynamics comes from. It doesn't explain where the laws of physics come from. It doesn't explain where matter came from.
Ben Stein

In the post-enlightenment Europe of the 19th century the highest authority was no longer the Church. Instead it was science. Thus was born racial anti-Semitism, based on two disciplines regarded as science in their day - the 'scientific study of race' and the Social Darwinism of Herbert Spencer and Ernst Haeckel.
Jonathan Sacks

As a world view, Darwinism cannot of course be refuted, since Faith is, always has been, and always will be, stronger than facts.
Francis Parker Yockey
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