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Definition of Damages


  1. of Damage

Damages Quotations

Truth never damages a cause that is just.
Mahatma Gandhi

Celebrity damages private life.
Tim Berners-Lee

A huge dollar bill is the most accurate way to teach children the real motto of the United States: In the Almighty Dollar We Trust... Until the average American realizes that capitalism damages her livelihood while augmenting the livelihoods of the wealthy, the Almighty Dollar will continue to rule. It certainly is not ruling in our favor.
Kyrsten Sinema

Relativism should be confronted where it damages fundamental human rights, because we're not relativists if we believe that the human being should be at the centre of society and the rights of every human being should be respected.
Rocco Buttiglione

According to the law of nature it is only fair that no one should become richer through damages and injuries suffered by another.
Marcus Tullius Cicero
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Damages Translations

damages in French is avarie, endommage
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