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Definition of Damage


  1. Injury or harm to person, property, or reputation; an inflicted loss of value; detriment; hurt; mischief.
  2. The estimated reparation in money for detriment or injury sustained; a compensation, recompense, or satisfaction to one party, for a wrong or injury actually done to him by another.
  3. To ocassion damage to the soudness, goodness, or value of; to hurt; to injure; to impair.
  4. To receive damage or harm; to be injured or impaired in soudness or value; as. some colors in /oth damage in sunlight.
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Damage Translations

damage in Afrikaans is bederf, skade
damage in Danish is skade, beskadige
damage in Dutch is schade aanrichten, schaden
damage in Finnish is pilata
damage in Italian is difetto, lesione, ledere
damage in Latin is laedo ledo, damnum, iniuria, detrimentum, malum
damage in Portuguese is os danos