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Definition of Cylinder


  1. A solid body which may be generated by the rotation of a parallelogram round one its sides; or a body of rollerlike form, of which the longitudinal section is oblong, and the cross section is circular.
  2. The space inclosed by any cylindrical surface. The space may be limited or unlimited in length.
  3. Any hollow body of cylindrical form
  4. The chamber of a steam engine in which the piston is moved by the force of steam.
  5. The barrel of an air or other pump.
  6. The revolving platen or bed which produces the impression or carries the type in a cylinder press.
  7. The bore of a gun; the turning chambered breech of a revolver.
  8. The revolving square prism carrying the cards in a Jacquard loom.

Cylinder Translations

cylinder in Dutch is rol, cilinder
cylinder in French is cylindre
cylinder in German is Zylinder
cylinder in Hungarian is henger
cylinder in Italian is cilindro
cylinder in Norwegian is sylinder
cylinder in Portuguese is cilindro
cylinder in Spanish is cilindro
cylinder in Swedish is vals, cylinder