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Definition of Curve


  1. Bent without angles; crooked; curved; as, a curve line; a curve surface.
  2. A bending without angles; that which is bent; a flexure; as, a curve in a railway or canal.
  3. A line described according to some low, and having no finite portion of it a straight line.
  4. To bend; to crook; as, to curve a line; to curve a pipe; to cause to swerve from a straight course; as, to curve a ball in pitching it.
  5. To bend or turn gradually from a given direction; as, the road curves to the right.

Curve Quotations

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.
Phyllis Diller

But life inevitably throws us curve balls, unexpected circumstances that remind us to expect the unexpected. I've come to understand these curve balls are the beautiful unfolding of both karma and current.
Carre Otis

I don't know too many parents that want to feed their kids soda, but high-fructose corn syrup is cheap. The price of soda in 20 years has gone down 40 percent while the price of whole foods, fruits and vegetables, has gone up 40 percent and obesity goes up right along that curve.
Tom Colicchio

Clearly the human story is one of acceleration. There has been a Moore curve in terms of the number of people alive on the planet, our technological ability, and our ability to understand ourselves. We have had this extraordinary, explosive growth in our ingenuity.
Andrew Marr

What you need, above all else, is a love for your subject, whatever it is. You've got to be so deeply in love with your subject that when curve balls are thrown, when hurdles are put in place, you've got the energy to overcome them.
Neil deGrasse Tyson
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Curve Translations

curve in Danish is sving
curve in Dutch is kromme, bocht, curve
curve in French is courbure
curve in Italian is curvatura
curve in Latin is sinus, incurvo, inflecto inflexi inflectum
curve in Norwegian is kurve, sving
curve in Portuguese is curva
curve in Spanish is curvo, curva, encorvadura
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