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Definition of Curve


  1. Bent without angles; crooked; curved; as, a curve line; a curve surface.
  2. A bending without angles; that which is bent; a flexure; as, a curve in a railway or canal.
  3. A line described according to some low, and having no finite portion of it a straight line.
  4. To bend; to crook; as, to curve a line; to curve a pipe; to cause to swerve from a straight course; as, to curve a ball in pitching it.
  5. To bend or turn gradually from a given direction; as, the road curves to the right.
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Curve Translations

curve in Danish is sving
curve in Dutch is kromme, bocht, curve
curve in French is courbure
curve in Italian is curvatura
curve in Latin is sinus, incurvo, inflecto inflexi inflectum
curve in Norwegian is kurve, sving
curve in Portuguese is curva
curve in Spanish is curvo, curva, encorvadura