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Definition of Curry


  1. To dress or prepare for use by a process of scraping, cleansing, beating, smoothing, and coloring; -- said of leather.
  2. To dress the hair or coat of (a horse, ox, or the like) with a currycomb and brush; to comb, as a horse, in order to make clean.
  3. To beat or bruise; to drub; -- said of persons.
  4. A kind of sauce much used in India, containing garlic, pepper, ginger, and other strong spices.
  5. A stew of fowl, fish, or game, cooked with curry.
  6. To flavor or cook with curry.
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Curry Translations

curry in Afrikaans is kerrie
curry in Dutch is kerrie
curry in German is striegelst, striegeln
curry in Portuguese is caril
curry in Spanish is curry, arrurruz
curry in Swedish is rykta