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Definition of Curiosities


  1. of Curiosity

Curiosities Quotations

I believe that music is connected by human passions and curiosities rather than by marketing strategies.
Elvis Costello

Facts do not speak for themselves. They speak for or against competing theories. Facts divorced from theories or visions are mere isolated curiosities.
Thomas Sowell

I'd worked at a small town newspaper, and I was thinking of all the strange stories that I had seen float through the newsroom in my time there that were dismissed as kind of amusing curiosities. Somehow from that I got to this idea of an eccentric alcoholic who built a lighthouse in the woods.
Michael Koryta

How these curiosities would be quite forgot, did not such idle fellowes as I put them down.
John Aubrey

The impulse of the journalist is to be novel, yet to relate his curiosities to the urgencies of the moment; the philosopher seeks what he conceives to be true, regardless of the moment.
Daniel Bell
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