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Definition of Crucible


  1. A vessel or melting pot, composed of some very refractory substance, as clay, graphite, platinum, and used for melting and calcining substances which require a strong degree of heat, as metals, ores, etc.
  2. A hollow place at the bottom of a furnace, to receive the melted metal.
  3. A test of the most decisive kind; a severe trial; as, the crucible of affliction.

Crucible Quotations

Surmounting difficulty is the crucible that forms character.
Tony Robbins

If American literature has a few heroes, Miller is one of them. He refused to name names at the McCarthy hearings, and his play 'The Crucible' analysed the hearings in the context of a previous American mass psychosis, the Salem witch trials.
Jane Smiley

America is God's Crucible, the great Melting-Pot where all the races of Europe are melting and re-forming!
Israel Zangwill

As minorities and other immigrant groups become more important to our economy, the inner city is a crucible that gives us an early look at phenomena that are going to be spreading more broadly in the economy over time.
Michael Porter

Men and women whose early youth was shaped in the ordeal of the Great Depression showed the values formed in that crucible when tyranny threatened a world.
Steve Buyer
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Crucible Translations

crucible in German is Tiegel
crucible in Spanish is crisol
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