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Definition of Creepy


  1. Crawly; having or producing a sensation like that caused by insects creeping on the skin.

Creepy Quotations

I'm a private person, and I don't want people knowing what kind of underwear I like. It's creepy!
Carrie Underwood

If you can find the line between sympathetic and creepy, you have reached a very funny area.
Jason Segel

I guess creepy comes natural to me - I hate to say that.
Evan Peters

I have taken taking my music to labels for years, and everyone just thought it was creepy. They thought the images with the music were weird and verging on psychotic.
Lana Del Rey

You could make any song sound creepy if you wanted. It's all about the inflection.
Willie Nelson
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Creepy Translations

creepy in German is gruselig
creepy in Spanish is escalofriante

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