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Definition of Craze


  1. To break into pieces; to crush; to grind to powder. See Crase.
  2. To weaken; to impair; to render decrepit.
  3. To derange the intellect of; to render insane.
  4. To be crazed, or to act or appear as one that is crazed; to rave; to become insane.
  5. To crack, as the glazing of porcelain or pottery.
  6. Craziness; insanity.
  7. A strong habitual desire or fancy; a crotchet.
  8. A temporary passion or infatuation, as for same new amusement, pursuit, or fashion; as, the bric-a-brac craze; the aesthetic craze.
  9. A crack in the glaze or enamel such as is caused by exposure of the pottery to great or irregular heat.

Craze Translations

craze in Dutch is furore, bestseller
craze in Norwegian is mani
craze in Portuguese is mania
craze in Swedish is vurm, mani