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Definition of Cox


  1. A coxcomb; a simpleton; a gull.

Cox Quotations

Brian Cox is the nicest guy, but he's so arrogant.
Danny Boyle

I used to dress up and impersonate our next-door neighbor, Miss Cox. She wore rubber boots, a wool hat, and her nose always dripped.
Tracey Ullman

Dr. Cox mentors the rookie doctors with a spoonful of dirt and then a cup of sugar. I see him as an archetypal descendent of two of my favorite curmudgeonly characters: Lou Grant and Louie De Palma.
John C. McGinley

Bobby Cox had the biggest influence in my career and probably the second- or third-biggest influence in my life.
Tom Glavine

I got the pilot for 'Scrubs' sent to me, and in the margin for Dr. Cox, it said 'a John McGinley type.' So when I went in to audition, I said to Billy Lawrence, who's a dear friend of mine, I said, 'Well, I'm John McGinley.'
John C. McGinley
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Cox Translations

cox in German is Steuermann
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