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Definition of Counterfeit


  1. Representing by imitation or likeness; having a resemblance to something else; portrayed.
  2. Fabricated in imitation of something else, with a view to defraud by passing the false copy for genuine or original; as, counterfeit antiques; counterfeit coin.
  3. Assuming the appearance of something; false; spurious; deceitful; hypocritical; as, a counterfeit philanthropist.
  4. That which resembles or is like another thing; a likeness; a portrait; a counterpart.
  5. That which is made in imitation of something, with a view to deceive by passing the false for the true; as, the bank note was a counterfeit.
  6. One who pretends to be what he is not; one who personates another; an impostor; a cheat.
  7. To imitate, or put on a semblance of; to mimic; as, to counterfeit the voice of another person.
  8. To imitate with a view to deceiving, by passing the copy for that which is original or genuine; to forge; as, to counterfeit the signature of another, coins, notes, etc.
  9. To carry on a deception; to dissemble; to feign; to pretend.
  10. To make counterfeits.

Counterfeit Quotations

The counterfeit and counterpart of Nature is reproduced in art.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Real happiness is cheap enough, yet how dearly we pay for its counterfeit.
Hosea Ballou

Men make counterfeit money; in many more cases, money makes counterfeit men.
Sydney J. Harris

True friends appear less moved than counterfeit.

The last great delusion is soon to open before us. Antichrist is to perform his marvelous works in our sight So closely will the counterfeit resemble the true that it will be impossible to distinguish between them except by the Holy Scriptures.
Ellen G. White
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Counterfeit Translations

counterfeit in Dutch is vervalsing
counterfeit in Italian is falsare
counterfeit in Norwegian is forfalskning, forfalske
counterfeit in Portuguese is moeda falsa
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