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Definition of Correspondence


  1. Friendly intercourse; reciprocal exchange of civilities; especially, intercourse between persons by means of letters.
  2. The letters which pass between correspondents.
  3. Mutual adaptation, relation, or agreement, of one thing to another; agreement; congruity; fitness; relation.

Correspondence Quotations

I have enjoyed most particularly reading the correspondence between Gustav Mahler and Richard Strauss. The genuine friendship, competitiveness and support that thread through their communications are life lessons for us all.
Jessye Norman

I like writing letters and receiving letters. It's a shame that we've lost the art of letter-writing and saving correspondence. I mourn that.
Elizabeth McGovern

I've had a lot of girls reach out to me about struggling with body image. I've only been able to write back to a few of them, but I've been able to write and have correspondence with a few of them and really talk about what I think they should do or if I think they should ask for help.
Troian Bellisario

Truth is exact correspondence with reality.
Paramahansa Yogananda

I've always found it best to have a routine. I go to my study at the same time every day and climb into my bay window. I may not be inspired every day, but on the days I am, I need to be in place to write. If I'm not particularly inspired, I'll revise or do research or correspondence.
Diane Ackerman
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Correspondence Translations

correspondence in German is Korrespondenz, Briefwechsel, Korrespondenz
correspondence in Italian is corrispondenza, corrispondenza
correspondence in Spanish is correspondencia
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