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Definition of Cork


  1. The outer layer of the bark of the cork tree (Quercus Suber), of which stoppers for bottles and casks are made. See Cutose.
  2. A stopper for a bottle or cask, cut out of cork.
  3. A mass of tabular cells formed in any kind of bark, in greater or less abundance.
  4. To stop with a cork, as a bottle.
  5. To furnish or fit with cork; to raise on cork.

Cork Quotations

What contemptible scoundrel has stolen the cork to my lunch?
W. Clement Stone

Some weasel took the cork out of my lunch.
W. C. Fields

Everyone is trying to jump on the biomimic bandwagon. But a cork floor is not biomimicry. Neither is using bacteria to clean water.
Janine Benyus

I pray on the principle that wine knocks the cork out of a bottle. There is an inward fermentation, and there must be a vent.
Henry Ward Beecher

For a while we had trouble trying to get the sound of a champagne cork exploding out of the bottle. I solved the problem by sticking my finger in my mouth and popping it out.
Lawrence Welk
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Cork Translations

cork in Afrikaans is kurk
cork in Dutch is kurk
cork in Finnish is korkki
cork in German is Kork
cork in Italian is tappare, sughero
cork in Norwegian is kork, korke
cork in Spanish is tapon, corcho
cork in Swedish is kork, korka igen
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