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Definition of Convoy


  1. To accompany for protection, either by sea or land; to attend for protection; to escort; as, a frigate convoys a merchantman.
  2. The act of attending for defense; the state of being so attended; protection; escort.
  3. A vessel or fleet, or a train or trains of wagons, employed in the transportation of munitions of war, money, subsistence, clothing, etc., and having an armed escort.
  4. A protection force accompanying ships, etc., on their way from place to place, by sea or land; an escort, for protection or guidance.
  5. Conveyance; means of transportation.
  6. A drag or brake applied to the wheels of a carriage, to check their velocity in going down a hill.

Convoy Translations

convoy in French is convoi
convoy in German is Geleit, Geleitzug, Geleit
convoy in Italian is convoglio
convoy in Spanish is convoy